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BA Architect offers great benefits to application developers working with ADO.NET compatible data sources, including MS Access, MS SQL Server and Oracle. Its advanced technologies help rapidly create and integrate your custom GUI applications into existing data management architecture. You get a unified platform for database applications with advantages of format consistency across all tiers and more extensive implementation of business logic.

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Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, implemented in BA Architect, allow developing and deploying feature-rich database applications faster by automating much of the development process and eliminating repetitive tasks. An application is built in the program's GUI without code writing. Display forms and edit screens are created automatically in run time. They reflect existing tables' fields and are updated for changes in real-time mode. The settings of maintenance forms are customisable through BA Architect application repository. The solution combines the availability of simplified application development tools with the flexibility of fine-tuning custom applications and adding Visual Basic.NET scripts and event handlers. By placing BA Architect tier between the presentation level and the data access level you acquire additional mobility for your custom application. It allows transferring the application configuration between different data sources without changing its code. The implementation of validator controls provides higher integrity and usability of data throughout your data management architecture. Validation on incoming data helps prevent security threats such as cross-site scripting attacks and code-injection. By setting up security controls over what users can do with the objects and data in your application you restrict access to sensitive information or prevent inadvertent changes to code or objects on which the solution depends. BA Architect offers three types of authorisation depending on the locale of security controls implementation: database server authorization, operating system security controls and application server authorization.

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